#16 Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (bass review with tabs)

Metallica Welcome Home Sanitarium bass tab Andriy Vasylenko

Hey! This is a bit late (two months, ha!) review of ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)‘ bass line of Cliff Burton. Bass tab in the end of article. Let’s make up the leeway!

Few words about the song in general. ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ was the second ballad in Metallica’s discography (but it has a pretty thrashy part though). As James confessed, main riff’s stolen from some band, which stayed unrevealed. Initially ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Orion’ presented as one song, but they’re splitted up during ‘Master of Puppets’ album recording. So we have a beautiful tune with deep lyrics, ripping solos… And also nice bass line.

Bass starts in ‘Sanitarium’ with a short fill before main part goes:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab intro fill

Verse riff on bass – it’s chords tonics with a cool staccato passage appearing time after time (Cliff plays variations all the time):

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab verse

When distorted guitar starts playing verse (or consider it pre-chorus), bass goes this way:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab pre-chorus

Chorus riff of ‘Welcome Home’ – one of the best on ‘Master of Puppets’ album. Cliff is almost doubling it:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab chorus

And this slide precedes interlude is so strong:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab slide

Fast interlude. Bass plays here open E with an octave on 5th string to emphasize Lars’s drums accents in various ways:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab accents

Here’s another interlude riff with one of the most distinct pieces of ‘Welcome Home’ bass line, it foreruns Kirk’s fast solo:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab interlude riff 2

Bass line goes crazy over final solos: Cliff performs a lot of variations, especially in the first bar of every repeat (on E). It was hard to tab, so here’s how last 3 repeats look in general:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab final solo riff

And finally the outro. I couldn’t catch all the tempos precisely, so just play it on feelings:

metallica welcome home sanitarium bass tab outro

There’s a master bass track of ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ recorded by Cliff (starts at 19:21), check it out here in my compilations of Metallica master bass tracks:

Download Metallica ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ bass tab on this page, if you’re a member of AVanguard (if not – join us here).

My conclusion. Metallica showed in ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ all they do the best, and bass line is not an exception. Ultimate groove and dynamics. Nice job, Cliff Burton!

And I’m so happy that I’ve finally done it! It’s a lesson for me (and maybe for you) about the power of procrastination. All should be done in its time, otherwise it’d be very hard to back on track.

So we move on! Mission complete 16 of 32 (actually 21 of 32). Thank you for support and expecting my works! R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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