#21 Metallica – Fight Fire With Fire (bass review with tabs)

Hi comrade! Now it’s time to review Metallica ‘Fight Fire With Fire‘ bass. Free bass tab to download in the end of article.

I was surprised how easy I got ‘Fight Fire With Fire’. This is one of the fastest Metallica songs, a lot of riffs and rhythm shifts, so dynamical. Nevertheless, I wasn’t so exhausted, like I was after ‘Creeping Death’ and ‘The Four Horsemen’.

Why that? I found a few reasons: ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ is shorter, me becoming more trained, gallops prevailing straight 8th. Let’s break it down!

The song starts by melodic intro, you couldn’t be aware that bass played there. Though this intro was written by Cliff Burton exactly. All the acoustic lines built around Cliff’s ideas. Here’s what Cliff did there:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab intro

The rest of song includes 4 riffs. Main riff is very fast, so Metallica plays its simplified version live. Cliff arranged this riff to finger-style, alternating 8th and gallop:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab main riff

Rhythm on main riff is tricky, you tends to shift it. And after that goes bridge riff, my favorite. Few years ago, when I learned ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ on bass, I had a problem to tie the riffs together because of the tricky rhythm. I finally did that practicing, trying to play 0 right after 1, and then keep up the riff:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab bridge

Chorus riff. Here Cliff played finger tremolo and gallop lick on A# chord (last thing I performed a bit differently on video):

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab chorus

Bridge to middle section of ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ contains a couple of signature Burton’s bass fills:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab bridge to solo

Middle section with solos of Kirk, and then Kirk and James. This is one of the most progressive parts of Metallica, tricky because of peculiar rhythm. Cliff supports guitar by mixing gallop and straight 8th:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab riff solo

(I can’t imagine how James wrote the harmony solo, it’s so sick!)

Another riff from middle section:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab bridge 3

In the end of songs Cliff plays a variation on chorus riff with few more gallops:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab outro

Coda – powerful strumming on Em:

metallica fight fire with fire bass tab coda

Free Metallica ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ bass tab to download (join AVanguard here to get a password for tab):

Download rar-archive with gp4+pdf Download pdf only

Here’s my compilation of all Cliff’s bass tracks extant from ‘Ride the Lightning’, ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ goes first:

Mission complete 21 of 32. Next goes one of these songs: ‘Hit the Lights’, ‘Whiplash’, ‘Jump In the Fire’. What do you choose?

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