#19 Metallica – Phantom Lord (bass review with tab)

Hey guys! Today I write a review on Cliff’s bass from ‘Phantom Lord‘. One of the most underrated Metallica songs, I think. Download bass tab in the end of article.

I was pretty easy to record ‘Phantom Lord’. Short song, few riffs, no overfast passages. ‘The Four Horsemen’ is much harder. Anyway, I found things I’d talk about.

The songs begins with a keyboard chord (that’s not a bass alike in ‘Orion’). Intro looks like this:

metallica phantom lord bass tab intro riff

Then goes main riff. Cliff’s doubling it in an octave lower, but ‘G-A’ piece he did on 4th string to utilize the bass diapason available. This is a relevant bass arrangement decision:

metallica phantom lord bass tab main riff‘Phantom Lord’ doesn’t have a traditional chorus (we can notice that in ‘Fade to Black’ either). Conditionally this is it:

metallica phantom lord bass tab chorus

I like the variations of chorus riff for 1st Kirk’s solos:

metallica phantom lord bass tab riffs for solo

And then we go to interlude. That’s a significant step – to write the part like this. Metallica is known by writing songs with melodic interludes. So we could count ‘Phantom Lord’ as a predecessor of classic Metallica song structure (kind of grandpa of ‘Master of Puppets’). Tempo’s slowing down, and what I hear (not so distinct) in Cliff’s bass line:

metallica phantom lord bass tab interlude

Then goes fast section again with Kirk’s ripping guitar fills. Burton plays his signature alternative endings:

metallica phantom lord bass tab solo

Outro – another part of ‘Phantom Lord’ with bass moves, we can discern:

metallica phantom lord bass tab outro

My conclusion. Metallica ‘Phantom Lord’ is pretty good for beginner bass player (but who’d play ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ first). The hardest thing is to keep up with the tempo on verses (about 160 bpm). Main riff is relatively the hardest one.

Here’s Metallica ‘Phantom Lord’ bass tab (join AVanguard to get password). All Metallica bass tabs of Total Cliff gathered here.


Mission complete 19 of 32. Next one – delayed ‘Welcome Home’ review. Vote for next song me to play: Fight Fire With Fire, Creeping Death, Trapped Under Ice, Ride the Lightning. Now we have to leaders in comment under ‘Phantom Lord’ video – Fight and Death. What’s your choice? R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/


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