#20 Metallica – Creeping Death (bass review with tab)

Congratulations comrades! This is 20th Total Cliff review, and today goes Metallica ‘Creeping Death’. Bass tab – in the end of article. So what’s for this time, Cliff?

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I’ve lately put 4 unplayed songs from ‘Ride the Lightning’ for voting. And ‘Creeping Death’ beats by a small margin ‘Fight Fire With Fire’. Considering this, I decided to make ‘Fight’ right after ‘Death’, so you’ll see my fingers bleeding next time=)

‘Creeping Death’ – one of the most known and performed Metallica song. There’s a lot of stories and legends flying about the tune. One of those – Cliff conceivably wrote the guitar solo for Kirk (doubt it, but everything could happen).

At least two riffs from ‘Creeping Death’ were written by Kirk Hammett – intro (it was an exercise from Satriani’s lessons) and interlude (used to be played in previous Kirk’s band Exodus). So Cliff is just doubling the intro:

metallica creeping death bass tab intro

Main riff, probable written by James Hetfield, is extremely groovy, down-stroke E riffing plus B-C-B-A groupetto. Burton’s accents in the riff are a bit different and variable:

metallica creeping death bass tab main riff

This is a variation on main riff for Hammett’s solo:

metallica creeping death bass tab main riff kirks solo

One of my most loved parts in ‘Creeping Death’ – short bridge to verse, Cliff leads here. I like that it contains C#, not C – it’s out of E minor scale, shifting to E major:

metallica creeping death bass tab bridge to verse

Pre-chorus riff, very accented one:

metallica creeping death bass tab bridge to chorus

Chorus. While guitars are playing chords, Cliff fills the gaps by few more bass notes:

metallica creeping death bass tab chorus

And here is THE riff of ‘Die Die Die’ section. To be honest, I like more Jason’s versions with more low Es. Anyway, Cliff performs here cool, not copying Kirk’s riff note for note:

metallica creeping death bass tab interlude

And here is a part which, I suppose, Burton wrote. Guitars play solo in harmony over riff, Cliff’s line goes closer to the solo:

metallica creeping death bass tab riff before outro

Metallica ‘Creeping Death’ bass tab for you as AVanruard member (join us here to get a password):

gtp+pdf in rar-archive pdf only

If you like special details in bass lines, ‘Creeping Death’ is for you to analyze. As well as most Cliff’s parts, I think.

Mission complete 20 of 32. There’s 9 songs and few more extras left. I’m so excited and inspired, thanks to you guys. Next – ‘Fight Fire With Fire’. R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/


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