#18 Metallica – To Live Is To Die (bass review with tab)

Hey friend! Today we review a special Metallica song, an instrumental actually. It’s ‘To Live Is To Die’ – the only one of Total Cliff, Cliff never recorded. Get bass tab for you as AVanguard member here.

Metallica did ‘To Live Is To Die’ after Burton’s death for ‘And Justice For All’ album. They found a few sketches of Cliff, and came up with the instrumental. Bass line for ‘To Live Is To Die’ was finished and recorded by Jason Newsted.

Bass of ‘To Live Is To Die’ is pretty simple, mostly doubling guitars:

to live is to die main riff bass tab

Interlude contains independent bass riffs over chord progressions while guitars playing harmonized solo. The most memorable performance of the interlude was at live Seattle in 1989. Then Jason played the first section by power-chord arpeggios, kind of this:

to live is to die interlude live bass tab

We can’t hear the arpeggios on studio tune, so I guess he recorded the part this way:

to live is to die interlude studio bass tab

I’ve played the ‘To Live Is To Die’ interlude before in my ‘Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted’ video, and I also did it by fingers.

One of the most beautiful pieces from ‘To Live Is To Die’ – fade-ins in the middle section. They’re actually played by bass, and sounds like cello. I recognized 3 tracks there, recorded them separately, but in video I show it as chords:

to live is to die fade ins bass tab

The James Hatfield’s solo is fabulous and sorrowful. He’s written not so much guitar solos, but they all are excellent (and one from ‘Suicide & Redemption’ – one of the best at all, I’ve played it on bass too).

I let me to play some variations in ‘To Live Is To Die’, new fills and improvisations. As I mentioned in a description for the video, Cliff could write the line this way. Maybe. I’ve done 18 Cliff’s bass lines, broke them down and felt out. So I dared to do that, for your joy or judgment. Here’re the variations, some of them:

to live is to die bass fills main riff bass tab

to live is to die bass bridge 1 riff bass tab

to live is to die bass bridge 2 riff bass tab

to live is to die bass end bass tab

(And what do you think about me performing Jason’s stuff like ‘One’, ‘Sad But True’, ‘Fuel’ in Cliff’s manner?)

What’d I say more about Metallica ‘To Live Is To Die’ bass? These are not the best Cliff Burton’s riffs. Guess there wasn’t enough stuff kept to choose and make a song of it. Wish Cliff could tape more music, but we have what we have. Nevertheless, that turned out enough to leave a huge mark in World’s history. And our hearts.

Here’s the bass tab of original ‘To Live Is To Die’ bass line (not included my fills). Join AVanguard to get a password (it comes in ‘Welcome Aboard’ message on e-mail):

Download PDF Download PDF+GTP in RAR archive

Mission complete 18 of 32. Next – ‘Phantom Lord’ (and ‘How I set the sound’ after that). Thanks for reading, expecting and support! R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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