Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted: a little bass journey to classic Metallica

Today Cliff Burton could be 54. I’ve prepared a special video – a bried review of Metallica’s bass of classic period. Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted – both great, both unique. It’s not a duel, not who’s better – Cliff or Jason. Both wrote different bass lines and performed them differently. How did they do that? So I tried to show 20 years of Metallica in 5-minute video. You know all the songs, if not – ask in comments. Hope you like it friends \m/ Happy Birthday Cliff and rest in peace \m/

By the way, this is my first video with me playing picking) I barely use pick, so don’t judge it too much. I almost died on ‘Dyers Eve’))))

00:11 signature riffs
01:07 Whiplash
01:29 Die! Die! Die! (Creeping Death interlude)
01:46 interlude in Em
02:25 ballad in Am
02:55 over 180 bpm
03:22 Sanitarium
03:48 power chords
04:23 simplifying
04:49 Orion interlude
05:08 To Live Is To Die (from live Seattle, 1989)

What riffs / lines from this video do you want me to tab? Write your requests. I could write an article like my comparison of Cliff’s and Rob’s playing style, if you want=)

For those who’s here for the first time – join our AVanguard to get an access for all bass tabs a make \m/

Next TOTAL CLIFF video – ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘To Live Is To Die’, as I planned. Thank you for support guys! \m/


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4 thoughts on “Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted: a little bass journey to classic Metallica”

  1. Awesome as usual, I thought dyers eve was actually pretty good man! I also dislike playing with a pick, so I feel you on dyers eve. Have you done a whiplash cover yet? Cause that’s my vote for a video and tab! Also I’d definitely read your review of cliff and Jason if you made one. The last one with Robert was very interesting. Great job man!

    1. Hey bro! Thank you so much) I used to dislike pick, but I got it – it’s fun)) If I could make videos every few days, Whiplash would be very soon. Tab for it’s done anyway. I keep on working, thanks again! \m/

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