Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted: a little bass journey to classic Metallica

Today Cliff Burton could be 54. I’ve prepared a special video – a bried review of Metallica’s bass of classic period. Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted – both great, both unique. It’s not a duel, not who’s better – Cliff or Jason. Both wrote different bass lines and performed them differently. How did they do that? So I tried to show 20 years of Metallica in 5-minute video. You know all the songs, if not – ask in comments. Hope you like it friends \m/ Happy Birthday Cliff and rest in peace \m/

By the way, this is my first video with me playing picking) I barely use pick, so don’t judge it too much. I almost died on ‘Dyers Eve’))))

00:11 signature riffs
01:07 Whiplash
01:29 Die! Die! Die! (Creeping Death interlude)
01:46 interlude in Em
02:25 ballad in Am
02:55 over 180 bpm
03:22 Sanitarium
03:48 power chords
04:23 simplifying
04:49 Orion interlude
05:08 To Live Is To Die (from live Seattle, 1989)

What riffs / lines from this video do you want me to tab? Write your requests. I could write an article like my comparison of Cliff’s and Rob’s playing style, if you want=)

For those who’s here for the first time – join our AVanguard to get an access for all bass tabs a make \m/

Next TOTAL CLIFF video – ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘To Live Is To Die’, as I planned. Thank you for support guys! \m/


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  • River Vincent

    Awesome as usual, I thought dyers eve was actually pretty good man! I also dislike playing with a pick, so I feel you on dyers eve. Have you done a whiplash cover yet? Cause that’s my vote for a video and tab! Also I’d definitely read your review of cliff and Jason if you made one. The last one with Robert was very interesting. Great job man!

    • av

      Hey bro! Thank you so much) I used to dislike pick, but I got it – it’s fun)) If I could make videos every few days, Whiplash would be very soon. Tab for it’s done anyway. I keep on working, thanks again! \m/

  • anonin3n

    Great, dude! Keep workin’ on your picking, cuz I see a lot of potential!

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