Andriy Vasylenko: Total Cliff, cat, and stuff (retrospect 2015 & prospect 2016)

Hi friends! This is my first video in 2016, little late, so thanks for expecting \m/ Quality is far from perfection, but we have what we have) In this video I talk about stuff done in 2015 and some plans for 2016. You’ll know about idea of Total Cliff, and more. Happy winter holidays my comrades! I appreciate your support and feedback! \m/

My book I mentioned in video
Joining AVanguard

P.S. “The Call of Ktulu” review with tab is almost done. Holidays, you know=)

6 thoughts on “Andriy Vasylenko: Total Cliff, cat, and stuff (retrospect 2015 & prospect 2016)”

  1. Hi Bro, Happy new year to you, your cat, your friends, band and familiy ! I hope 2016 will be a big breakthrough for you ’cause you deserve it. Can’t wait to keep learning with your help, by the way some tutorials for biginners would be great. Total Cliff is the best hommage to Cliff Burton ever so keep it up. Best wishes ! Cheers !! \m/Oo\m/

    1. Thanks from me and cat=) I’ve started to work on 2016 stuff, and already done “Ktulu” article with tab. Next – Sanitarium or Horsemen. You choose) Greetings from Ukraine! \m/

  2. Hey man, loved the four horsemen! Is that list of songs to come anywhere on your website? Sorry to say that it was a little blurry. If not that’s okay, I’ll just get a surprise every month or two!

    1. Hey! \m/ I so appreciate this, thanks) You mean ‘Av prospect’, yes? That’s a list of my approximate plans for near future, including upcoming videos. Some stuff could change, but I try to stick to the prospect. It’s made for you to be aware of what’s going on in my head ))

      1. Ah yes, that’s what I was referring to, I was just asking if the list was posted on your site anywhere, cause I tried, but just couldn’t make out what it said in the video, it was too blurry sorry! (I know I’m a little anxious, I’m just excited to see what you have coming in the future!) Thanks man, love these videos and tabs. (Also I’m sure you get this question all the time and I apologize, but what bass and amp set up do you use?)

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