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Megadeth “Dystopia” new album | review by Andriy Vasylenko

Dystopia, Megadeth… I don’t review albums so often, only ones which hooked me or I couldn’t avoid them. This is the case: no matter what my favorite bands release, I need to express my opinion about that. Megadeth and Metallica are in the list, and while Lars/James/Kirk/Rob are working on their first LP in 8 years, Dave and company please us by 15th album of Megadeth. Let’s see what’s going on there, in “Dystopia”. Just my opinion after 3 listenings of the album.

Three singles was released before “Dystopia” album, and I have to say, they’re kind of killers. Kind of. And almost every Deth fan started to say things like “They are back”, “So much better than Superlider”, “That’s Megadeth from 80’s”. Is that true?

Every single song is good, like the album in average. There’s no really bad tunes there, and really cool like “Symphony of Destruction” or “Holy Wars” neither. “Death From Withing”, “Bullet To The Brain”, “Post American World” – there’s a lot of stuff to analyze in the songs, in musical sense. “Conquere… or Die” is perfect: melody, phrasing, catchy riffs… Just perfect.

Dave Mustaine is great composer and guitarist. His riffs just blow brain away. He was able to choose a main riff, so fit to song. And, unfortunately, now he has one more feature: self-plagiarism. It’s so clear in two albums – “TH1RTE3N” and “Dystopia”. That’s why “Super Collider” is nice: fresh stuff, minimum relapses (except Black Sabbath in “Kingmaker”). Be honest, I’m tired of predictable chromatic chord progressions like 3-2-1-0, 0-3-2-1 or 2-1-0-1 (last, Hangar-18-type one pops up in at least 3 songs from “13” album).

New album contains another kind of self-plagiarism. “The Threat Is Real” has the best main riff on “Dystopia”, love it. And what goes after that – “Ashes In Your Mouth”. My thought “F*****ck, it’s just been going so cool!”. Anyway, I count “The Threat Is Real” as the best tune on record, the main riffs pulled it up.

Poisonous Shadows” – similar case. Potentially greatest composition. But the foreclosure-of-a-dream kind of arpeggio… The rest of song is pretty cool, but there’s no catchy main riff there. Piano by Kiko Loureiro – interesting part. That’s it.

Dystopia” the song. It began to get it after maybe 4th listening. For the best track of album (as a lot of guys consider it) it should be 2 max. Very straight, tears-in-a-vial kind of vibe. Part B of “Dystopia” goes quite groovy and heavy, like it. Bunch of riffs feeling though.

Few words about guitar solos. Great, as usually. Better than “Super Collider” or “13” stuff. Kiko and Dave have done huge work. But I like good riff more than good solo, my thing=)

So, my rates (7 point max each): riffs – 5 (lack of cool main riffs, passing ones are pretty nice), solos – 7, structures – 5, vocals – 6 (well done by Dave!), lyrics – 7 (political stuff mostly, nothing nonsensical). Album cover is great, Vic looks cool. Music videos as well.

My overall rate of Megadeth “Dystopia” album – 6 of 7. Good album. Could be better if Mustaine were 30. Dave’s not young, but he’s on track again! Anyway, I’m going to check out and like “Dystopia” more, could it be otherwise? It’s Megadeth man! \m/ And what do you think about the album? And Join our AVanguard bro, if you’re not already there \m/


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