4 thoughts on “Meet “AN INTRODUCTION TO BASS” by Andriy Vasylenko!”

  1. Hi Bro ! Sorry for commenting only now, but I took the time to read your book closely and all I got to say is thank you for sharing your knowledge and give biginners good basis. It will help me a lot in my practicing. I also watched your “Ktulu” version (so many time…) and its your very best cover yet. So nice it made me want to play that song whatever the difficulty may be. Never give up, thanx again ! Cheers ! \m/Oo\m/

    1. Hey Bro!) Thanks a lot! It was hard, but coped with Ktulu. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do extras planned=( But I’ll make a video about it in few days, and Ktulu article with tab either. Anyway I’ll keep up working and have a lot of plans for next year. And now I go to celebrate) Happy New Year my friend! \m/

        1. Thank you bro! \m/ 2016 is going to be a breakthrough for us! It’s our common business. By the way, new video)

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