#13 Metallica – Disposable Heroes (bass cover with tab)

Second to last Total Cliff review of 2015. One of my favorite tracks of Metallica, “Disposable Heroes“. Bass tab is placed in the end. Thank you for expecting, guys! \m/

Almost 9 minutes, 180 bpm all the way, and only 4 riffs – Metallica can do it. When I say 4 riffs, I don’t include variations of them. I like the most solidity of “Disposable of Heroes” and one-note main riff. This is mature thrash metal song, in sense of both music and lyrics. Bass line of Cliff – what does it hide?

If you read my previous articles and played Burton’s stuff, you could notice some of his specialties in writing bass line. I try to summarize it in one formula, which we could track in “Disposable Heroes” too: Cliff Burton’s bass line = doubling guitar line (80%) + variations & alternative endings (15%) + own riffs & licks (5%). The proportion is pretty approximate and conditional. See the balance, it’s so illustrating. We could talk over this more and more, but let’s review the most interesting moments of “Disposable Heroes” bass line.

Most part of the track goes with tremolo playing. Tempo is very high, so do this by fingers is practically impossible. But who said that doubling tremolo is obligatory? What bassist actually has to do? Yes, support groove and be a link between drums and guitar. So Cliff just played gallop (000-0) there instead of (00000). One note is missed, but who cares – it sounds cool and relevant:

metallica disposable heroes cliff's bass line main riff

metallica disposable heroes main riff doubling guitar bass tab

The same thing’s applied to pre-chorus riff (or call it bridge riff, whatever) in all of its variations. By the way, I performed this riff partly wrong: there should be faster pull-off. But it’s too late)) I think about a video about the hardest riffs of Cliff Burton, and this one will be analyzed there.

metallica disposable heroes main riff doubling guitar bass tab

Few words about my bass tab and way of playing “Disposable Heroes”, you can see and hear on my video. There’s a lot of Cliff’s variations and alternative endings in the track, which he did offhand mostly. So I performed the coolest ones for you to see how Burton thought and played – THIS is the mission of Total Cliff.

metallica disposable heroes interlude bass tab

Watch how Robert cope with “Disposable Heroes”, pay attention on the pre-chorus riff (1:43):

Here’s bass tab to download (you can see a link only if you’ve joined AVanguard):

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Mission complete 13 of 32. Next – THE CALL OF KTULU. Big work should be. Join our AVanguard to be informed. R.I.P., Cliff Burton \m/

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