Content of “An Introduction To Bass” has revealed!

an introduction to bass by andriy vasylenko free book

Guys! Here’s a content of my first free book “An Introduction To Bass”. Now I do final editings: images, links, detecting mistakes etc. The book in PDF will be available for AVanguard members very soon. So, check it out all the chapters from “An Introduction To Bass”:

Functions: what is the bass for?
Equipment: how to pick a good bass?
Techniques: which one is the best?
Skills: what is the bass competence? (my favorite)
– rhythm / dynamics
– mobility / timing
– strength / endurance / speed
– technique / performance
– music theory / fretboard vision
– composing / orchestration
– equipment / sound
– ear for music / improvisation
Practice: how to learn bass quickly?
Your way: how to start and keep on?
Extras (more stuff in question-answer form)
Useful links (for you as musician and bass player)

I feel very excited! Can’t wait to share the book with you, my comrades \m/ Follow my website updates, check your e-mail boxes (spam too) if already are a member of AVanguard (if you’re not, join us here).

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5 thoughts on “Content of “An Introduction To Bass” has revealed!”

  1. Hi Bro ! It definitly seems that your book will be my bible for a while, I’m still die waiting for all that new knowledge. Does “To live is to die” will be in the Total Cliff legacy ? It would be cool, don’t you think ? Anyway, keep it up ! Cheers my friend !
    \m/ Oo \m/

    1. Hey! Yes, “To Live Is To Die” is in my list of Total Cliff. Th book is almost done) Thank you a lot bro! \m/

  2. Hey man! this book looks awesome!
    Can’t wait for the pdf version!

    I have a question. In the equipment / sound do you
    plan to include some tips for sound effects?

    Sometimes is hard to get a good tone with distortions
    and so on. Some tips in this area would be highly appreciated.

    1. Thank you! \m/ This book actually is an introduction – basic knowledge about bass. It’s enough to grasp all the stuff. But I’m going to write expanded version of every chapter, including “Equipment / sound”. Plus expect extra videos and articles about how I get my tone and work on Total Cliff.

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