#9 Metallica – Seek & Destroy (bass review with tab)

Hey! “Total Cliff” is underway. We have two of ten “Kill ‘Em All” songs reviewed, “No Remorse” and “Motorbreath”. Now it’s time for one of the most played live tracks of Metallica “Seek & Destroy”. Bass tab also is, download it for free, guys.

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At the first glance, there’s nothing to go into detailes in “Kill Em All” bass. Cliff Burton had to write his bass lines in a couple of months. Hence comes that first-impression simplicity, comparing with “Ride the Lightning” and “Master of Puppets” albums. But it’s like to say that the Earth is a smooth sphere.

I’m going to reveal those “hidden treasures” of Cliff Burton’s bass legacy. This was the main reason of starting “Total Cliff” project. So, what do we have in “Seek & Destroy” bass?

The concept of “Seek & Destroy” bass line corresponds with Cliff’s arrangement style: 80% – doubling rhythm guitar, 20% – own variations and improvisations. He loved to make deviations from a dry riff. You may see that in a bunch of bass riffs from “Seek & Destroy”, practically in all of those. Here’s a few:

seek and destroy main riff bass tab seek and destroy outro bass tab seek and destroy pre-chorus bass tab

Have to admit one moment in the bass line. Look at interlude riff in E. That is an example of Cliff Burton’s arrangement style – playing not tonics (remember chorus riff from “No Remorse”). There’s also C# note – out of E minor scale, but it plays guitar in power-chord riff as 5th:

seek and destroy interlude riff bass tab

Mark the way Cliff highlighted the accents of Lars’ drums in verses, he did it by D-E hammer-ons:

seek and destroy verse bass

One more special thing about “Seek & Destroy” bass. This is one of two tracks from “Kill ‘Em All” when he used distortion and wah-wah pedals (guess what it the other one). You hear they for a few seconds in chorus, it breaks through the mix pretty good.

Fortunately, there’s master bass track of “Seek & Destroy”. It makes us easier to get what’s up there. Check it out below:

In addition, interesting performance of “Seek & Destroy” from Quebec Magnetic. Enjoy!

Here’s Metallica “Seek And Destroy” bass tab (you have to enter a password of AVanguard member):

Download Download

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