#10 Metallica – Battery (bass review with tab)

Hey! 10th video and article of Total Cliff are dedicated to “Battery“. Bass line was tabbed by me, so you can download Metallica “Battery” bass tab in the end of review. What did Cliff Burton play in this song?

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You know, Cliff had to adapt all guitar riffs to his finger-style bass playing. In Battery he kind of overdo: the main riff includes gallop triplets on E, Cliff got rid of them. Although it’s possible and pretty suitable to play that riff originally: you can do the gallop by three-finger moves – classic heavy metal rhythm (think, Robert play it this way). Burton played just syncoped 4th, but it sounds good anyway. I performed this riff differently in my video.

metallica battery bass tab

metallica battery bass tab

Have to admit, “Battery” has untraditional song structures. There are no different riffs for verse, pre-chorus and chorus, they emerged with some additions and sound like one solid thing. But one moment in chorus is very interesting for me – what is the contraption which breaks the rhythm? That’s one more 1/2 between 4/4 bars, and it’s hard to get! Very good exercise to improve rhythm feeling.

metallica battery bass tab

Then we come across on interlude with a couple of bass riffs. Cliff brought some alterations there. One of those riff even has a bend.

metallica battery bass tab

Next to it comes killing Kirk’s solo, played over variation of the main riff, and the most memorable riff from “Battery”. Play “6-0-7-0-6-0-7-0” with good pull-offs.

battery one cool riff bass tab

My conclusion. “Battery” is one of the fastest tracks in Metallica’s stuff of 1983-1986, classic thrash metal. Nevertheless, it’s not the hardest to play on bass. And easiest either. Original bass line is available on Youtube, here it is:

My bass tab for “Battery”: [newsletter_lock]Battery TOTALCLIFF (rar-archive with GPT and PDF) Battery TOTALCLIFF (PDF only)[/newsletter_lock]

In addition, one of live performances of “Battery” by Metallica \m/

Mission complete 10 of 32. Next – “Best Live Solos”, it comes September 27. Sure, there’s a lot more details to review, so write them in comments. Thanks for watching, reading and supporting! Subscribe to new articles and new videos. See you next time here! R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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