#8 Metallica – Escape (bass review with tab)

Hey, friends! I planned that my 8th video would be “Ride the Lightning”. But suddenly I highly wanted to do another Metallica song from 1984 – “Escape”. Bass surprised me, I had fun to play it, hope you too. Bass tab in gp5 and pdf attached, of course.

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Honestly, I underrated “Escape” (as well as Metallica do – watch “Orion Music + More” fest, video in the end of article). This is the song line you’ll never be bored to play.

You may know, that Metallica wrote “Escape” urgently to complete “Ride the Lightning” album, and they did it for 3 days or something. Yes, we can catch a few roughness there. Nevertheless guys did classic work, including Cliff Burton.

Bass line doubles rhythm guitar in the most, but there’s a bit of specific Cliff’s moves. He liked to avoid tonics (those are basic bass function), so we met they in “Escape” bass line:

metallica escape bass tab cliff burton

This song includes a coupe of riffs with arpeggio, which bass is doubling. I don’t remember something like that in any Metallica song of then (not considering “Pulling Teeth” and “Orion”). Cool exercise, by the way. This is one of those riffs:

metallica escape tab bass

I think, the most special riff of the song is the verse one. Metallica used there a couple of interesting licks, which break straight pulse, but 4/4 is keeping:

metallica escape bass tab

My conclusion: cool song, great job of Cliff Burton. Unfortunately, we don’t have original bass track of “Escape”, but bass is appreciable in mix. Here is a video from the only Metallica performance of “Escape”:

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