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Double album review: Immortalized (Disturbed) + Got Your Six (FFDP)

August of 2015 is cool!  I’m going to review two new albums – Immortalized (Disturbed) and Got Your Six (Five Finger Death Punch). Both FFDP and Disturbed are my favorite modern metal bands (plus Volbeat, but they aren’t releasing any albums in 2015 year). So, what do I think about all of that? My thoughts have been changing for last days, but hope, now I am as impartial as possible… Of course, it’s impossible, because I love those bands))

Disturbed immortalized new album review  2015FFDP Got Your Six new album review 2015

First goes Disturbed with Immortalized album. I was confused my other reviews: those magazine guys rate the album 3 of 5 stars – pretty low for Disturbed. My opinion is less critical, but here I’m asking – what did you expect from the band? Some jazz? Death metal? Immortalized is classic Disturbed, the example of their specific vision of metal and unique sound, that nobody has! Nevertheless, I’ve got some changes.

Disturbed has been I hiatus, and it’s felt in Immortalized. David’s voice got more harsh (man, he is 42 already), and he exposed his new vocal features in the album (for instance, melodic ones from Save Our Last Goodbye and The Sound of Silence). Nice work!

About music. There are cool main riffs in Immortalized album: The Vengeful One, Never Wrong, Who my top-3. The Light – very special song, its sound radiates the optimism from first seconds. Immortalized is kind of statement of their return in heavy metal, and the track has cool triplet rhythm. It reminds me a bit Aria’s Follow Me, especially in the beginning of chorus (not so relevant, but I wanted to mention this):

My conclusion. Every rerun of the album brings a lot of new discoveries and emotions. Very nice album, but maybe not so cool as The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists. Times marches on, and initial freshness gone anyway. My rate – 5.5 of 7.

It’s turn of Five Finger Death Punch with Got Your Six album. My first impression was like “And that’s it?! Where THE Death Punch riffs?!!” You know, I’m a big fan of catchy main riffs. Got Your Six lacks of really great riffs – there’s a lot of good one’s, but great… I felt disappointed. For an hour – second and third listenings cleared the air. All the advantages were revealed, and I revised my rate of the album. Now I consider it as worth successor of The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side OF Hell.

Eleven tracks of classic Five Finger Death Punch, no deviations from the course. Except one thing. Are their going to conquer dance floor? Yes, we met the club-pop grooves in previous albums, they made the sound special. But when it goes predictable, in every second song, it’s not so cool anymore. IMHO, of course.

And now about better stuff. Notwithstanding with the lack of main riffs, I have caught few ones, my top 3 are Jekyll And Hyde (intro and verse), Question Everything (fast one, not arpeggio), and Meet My Maker (t-r-r-r-da-da). Wash It All Away reminds me a bit A Day Of My Life from previous FFDP album – just for a note. Question Everything is so much good track, could be the next Five Finger Death Punch single from Got Your Six. Have to admit looots of “f*cks” in Boots And Blood) And finally we know how they write guitar solos! Just watch Jekyll And Hyde music video 

By the way, there’s a funny story about creating Jackyll And Hyde. I like stories about writing famous songs, maybe you too  Watch video about it below:

My conclusion. Got Your Six definitely is not going to be a blur in 5FDP discography. Things which let down a bit – lack of the main riffs, too much club grooves. My rate – 6 of 7.

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