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Disturbed & FFDP upcoming albums: preview to review

Incredible news! Only a few weeks before the release of new albums of my favorite modern metal bands – Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch. While Metallica is warming up in studio, those two have already done that! Why the albums are so expected, at least for me? Let’s try to break it down.

I got known to Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch quite recently. I don’t really like nu-metal and metalcore, so these bands was like a new breath of heavy metal for me. Riffs and tough sound – THIS is my stuff. I listened to their music and understood, that I found something worth to impact on me 

Disturbed immortalized new metal album 2015Disturbed has been in hiatus since 2011,so it’s interesting to check their being in fit. This is one the rare bands which consistently does nice albums. My conclusion after listening singles from upcoming “Immortalized”album: they are on track. I perceived some changes in David Draiman’s voice, more gruff maybe. But is sounds natural and professional as always. More bass and new composition features – what I’ve caught as well. “Immortalized” is going to be a great one.

FFDP Got Your Six new metal albums 2015Five Finger Death Punch has released two singles from th album named “Got Your Six” – “Jackill & Hyde” and “Hell To Pay”. I saw a music video for “Jackill & Hyde” right after release (it was a month ago), and I’m still under impression. Fresh idea and traditional concept – no compromises, never give up. And having fun a bit=) Also very stable band in musical sense. They did a double album in 2013, and new one in 2015 – very high recharge rate! Waiting for a new dose of tough sound from FFDP and “Got Your Six”.

Dates of releases, just for note: “Immortalized” (Disturbed) – August 21, “Got Your Six” (Five Finger Death Punch) – September 4. I’m going to review those albums (like I did with Nightwish and Lindemann), so SUBSCRIBE to be informed! \m/

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