#6 Metallica – Motorbreath (bass review with tab)

We go on! Sixth TOTAL CLIFF video – Metallica, “Motorbreath”, bass review with tab. I count it as repose after “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, especially before making 7th one, which will be “Orion”.

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There is not original “Motorbreath” bass track in Internet, therefore I had to pick the line by myself. “Kill ‘Em All” album has pretty recognizable bass (although, Cliff was pissed about final mix). “Motorbreath” bass line doesn’t too much deviate from rhythm guitar, all riffs are adapted by Cliff Burton to his finger-style. Nevertheless, there’s a few moments to discuss.

Bunch of riffs from song part A are played with swing – triplet rhythmic pattern, which usually is written by straight notes. We have already handled it in very first Cliff Burton’s bass review “No Remorse”. Swing is a good exercise to expand your rhythm feeling, so you can do it with more fun playing “Motorbreath”.

Bass three-finger style can’t fully substitute picking in a case of fast 1/16-tremolo. We have one of that kind of riffs in “Motorbreath” – from interlude. Similar riff we met in “No Remorse”, and I suppose that Cliff cope with it like then. He just played combination of gallop and 1/8-notes there. The bottom line is to keep general rhythm feeling, so you can skive that way sometimes.

That’s it. Short song (shortest one in Cliff Burton’s stuff), brief review. Download “Motorbreath” bass tab here: [newsletter_lock](archived GTP and PDF) Motorbreath TOTALCLIFF or just PDF Motorbreath TOTALCLIFF[/newsletter_lock]

Finally, check out some of live “Motorbreath” live performances. Enjoy! \m/

Mission complete 6 of 32. Next – “ORION”. There’s a lot of common questions about “Orion” bass line, therefore I’m going to break it down best. SUBSCRIBE to my channel and website updates, bro! R.I.P., Cliff \m/

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