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Lindemann “Skills In Pills” album review by Andriy Vasylenko

Hey! This is my brief review of Lindemann’ “Skills In Pills” album, released June 22, 2015. I have got something to say about it, so here we go!

Extremely expected in narrow circles – that’s my definition of “Skills In Pills”. Too much time passed since last Rammstein album was released, so news about Till Lindemann’ side-project was accepted very spry. Yes, there is Emigrate of Kruspe, but it’s the Lindemann – voice and charm stem of Rammstein. And that happened – “Skills In Pills” is out. So, what do we have?


First of all, we meet English speaking Lindemann. An accent takes place, but it’s completely covered by that baritone and expression. Pretty good as for grandpa Till, who spent more than 20 years in tough schedule of touring and recording. 6 of 7 points – excellent vocal job!


Lyrics is a logical extension of Rammstein stuff, which actually is written by Till too. Love in all its forms – tender, complicated, perverse, and VERY perverse. It seems like lyrics of “Skills In Pills” embrace everything that didn’t drop in Rammstein. “Praise Abort” and “Fat” is an apogee of that. Nevertheless, there is some other stuff (“Yukon”, “Children of the Sun”). Different, often shocking, sometimes stock, but skilfully written and deftly played lyrics – 6 of 7 for Lindemann.

Till Lindemann & Peter Tägtgren photo for Skills In Pills


Music component of the album called up mixed feelings. There’re incredible arrangements, but on the other hand – quite stock riffs and song structures. It reveals some artificial and affected sides of the album, its mainstream orientation. Peter Tägtgren is like a ten-hand genius, high respect for him. But what about some originality? Couple of riffs and passages may be counted as cool (“Fish On”, “Ladyboy”, “Cowboy”) But 90% copying of “Pussy” in “Yukon”… 7 for orchestration, but only 4 for riffs and 4 originality – 5 in average for music.

Review summary

I consciously didn’t suppose “Skills In Pills” would be a masterpiece. Nevertheless (or that’s so) Lindemann’s first (hope not final) album exceeded my expectations a bit. Epic work, great sound, but it lacks a musical originality. My general review rating for “Skills In Pills” – 5 points of 7. Worthy metal album, deserves to be listened more!

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