#4 Metallica – The Thing That Should Not be (bass cover | bass tab)

for a note  – I’m going to remake this review and tabs, bass tuning f*cked up (down 1 step actually=)

We have reached 4th review of Cliff Burton’s legacy. Now it’s one of the darkest songs of Metallica – “The Thing That Should Not be” – bass analysis with bass tab (you can find gpt+pdf in the end of article).

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There’s not much to say about “The Thing That Should Not be” bass line. It’s quiet easy, straight, and slow. But it`s taken a special place in Cliff Burton’s legacy, because this is the only bass line played in non-standard tuning, dropped D exactly. So if you’ve never worked with dropped D bass, “The Thing That Should Not be” might be a good exercise for you.

Moreover, this bass line is full of different dynamic colors. In “#4 Metallica – The Thing That Should Not be (bass cover | Cliff Burton | bass tab)” video you can see a lot of expression and joy I had, me performing those dynamic passages. It’s really groovy!

There is the original “The Thing That Should Not be” bass track of Cliff Burton in web. Here it is:

Crunchy, with prevailing middle-range frequency – this sound Cliff Burton used for all “Master of Puppets” album. I tried to got not equal, but beefy sound.

Download archived GTP and PDF of “The Thing That Should Not Be” bass tabs here:[newsletter_lock]The Thing That Should Not Be TOTAL CLIFF or PDF only.[/newsletter_lock]

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