#3 Metallica – Damage Inc. intro (bass review with tabs)

Hey, friends! 3rd “Total Cliff” video here! According to requests, I did a bass review for “Damage Inc. intro.” with bass tabs. So, let`s go!

This intro is actually recorded by Cliff Burton. He said, there are 9 or 12 harmonies there, and a number of sound effects. Unfortunately, original bass tab of Metallica “Damage Inc.” intro doesn’t exist, review neither. So I’m going to remedy this.

In my “Intro Damage Inc. (tribute to Cliff Burton)” video you can watch I play it using two-hand tapping and volume pedal:

Actually I recorded it as Cliff did: multi-track with harmonies. But I didn’t reverse they, just made fade-in for every chord. I used Cubase and Guitar Rig 3 (awesome preset “Scorpio Lead”). My mix includes 4 tracks – 3 high and 1 low. Here`re those tracks separately:

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In original record I clearly hear notes, which are higher than 4-string bass register. Probably Cliff used octaver, I tried to compensate it by artificial harmonics.

Couple of words about melodic stuff. IMHO, Metallica`s “Damage Inc.” intro is a representative piece of Cliff Burton’s leading bass, as good as “Orion” or “The Call of Ktulu”. This is not bass solo, but it goes no less genial. Cliff grew from one composition to another, and in Damage Inc. his talent reached the top.

Actually, the chord line of “Damage Inc.” intro looks like: A5 – G – Bm – A – D – Bm – C – G (x2 times).

Is it real to play Damage Inc. intro on bass live? I think you can try it, using two-hand tapping, and having a good bass processor with needed effects. I haven’t got it yet, so if you have – your torch!

Mission complete 3 of 32. Next video – Metallica, “The Thing That Should Not Bee” bass review with tabs. Subscribe to our AVanguard and my Youtube channel, watch my new “Total Cliff” videos! R.I.P., Cliff Burton \m/

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