#1 Metallica – No Remorse (bass review with tab)

Here we go! You are reading my very first article of “TOTAL CLIFF” series – complete review of legacy of original Metallica bass player Cliff Burton – bass genius, who`s gone too early, but leave so big mark. I feel a need to share my experience with you, that Cliff never had a chance to do.

I start with “No Remorse” from “Kill’ Em All” album. You may count it as bass lesson, bass cover with tabs, or whatever. So, bass line of Cliff Burton from “No Remorse”, Metallica – let’s go!

Most of bass line parts are quite clear: straight doubling of rhythm guitar. So it goes till interlude. Then I faced some problem points.

1) rhythm of interlude riffs – regular 8th notes or triplets? In official “Kill `Em All” bass tab book and free gtp tabs of “No Remorse” those was indicated as 8th notes. But my ears don’t lie me: triplet feeling takes place there! Probably it’s like swing rhythm: both notes marked as 8th, but actually first one is a bit longer than second. It makes some kind of rocking motion, like train or pump. And that’s a cool groove!

Metallica No Remorse bass riff
1) riff A swing
Metallica No Remorse bass riff
1) riff A no swing
Metallica No Remorse bass riff
1) riff B swing
Metallica No Remorse bass riff
1) riff B no swing

2) mini-bridge in 152 bpm – is it possible to play the riff by fingers? Yes, it is. Hard but possible. I’m going to make a video about hardest Cliff Burton’s riffs, so break it down later.

No Remorse bass Cliff Burton
2) mini bridge 152

3) tremolo interlude riff – how to play it by finger? There’s no necessity for bass player to copy guitar riffs exact and all the time. Cliff perform it like in the bass tab below, according to his 3-finger technique.

Cliff Burton bass No Remorse
3) interlude riff 2

4) what a bass fill in the end? It doesn’t sound too illegible in the mix, but we can here it. I got it in three or four takes, and all of a sudden, last one sounded pretty similar. Dare to suppose, my variant is the most accurate.

Metallica Cliff Burton bass
4) outro fill a
Metallica Cliff Burton bass
4) outro fill b
Metallica Cliff Burton bass
4) outro fill c

My conclusion. The bass line from No Remorse is a good example of Cliff Burton’s style, especially solo fills and arranging guitar riffs for bass. He is not an author of the song, but his line’s become a certain part of composition. Rate of difficulty – 5 of 7.

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Write it one more time: I don’t qualify for 100% accuracy, though aspire to that. This is just my own opinion about Cliff Burton’s bass and songwriting contribution.

See you next time in my new “TOTAL CLIFF” review. Subscribe to our AVanguard and my YouTube channel. Thanks for your watching and reading, friends! Ask me about this stuff in comments or Facebook. R.I.P, Cliff Burton \m/


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