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Nightwish “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album review by Andriy Vasylenko

8th studio album of the Finnish metal band Nightwish “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” saw the light. In this review I’m going to express my thoughts and feelings about it.

Three years gone after “Imaginaerum”, so what has change since then? First of all, band got new blood – Floor Jansen (vocals) and Troy Donokley (pipes). What about music? Thankfully, Tuomas Holopainen’ songwriting talent still blooms, so we can listen to another masterpiece by Nightwish.

Opening track “Shudder Before The Beautiful” pace a mood for all album. Simple and epic, in the best traditions of Nightwish. Have to mark a keyboard / guitar solo, big musical duel of Tuomas and Erno – this is pure metal, no going down to pop!

Weak Fantasy” – beautiful alloy of metal and acoustic strumming, an evidence of unquenchable Nightwish power.

Elan” completely revealed only in whole album context. Good track with masterly hidden modulations. Mature one from mature musicians.

Alpenglow” – memorable song, gives a lot of positive energy, as whole album does. “We were here!” – these words stucked in my mind after first listening.

To my surprise, 20-minute “The Greatest Show On Earth” goes pretty easy, track passes at one breath. Giant work, strong feelings, nice closing point of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album.

Nightwish photo for new album 2015

Epicness ans duration of the release don’t let me to embrace its details at once. Nevertheless, every song I missed in this review might be regarded as highlight of Nightwish; album doesn’t comprise tracks just for show.

Few words about Floor’s vocals… Awesome, lovely, best! So much dynamics and feelings either, there’s a lot of work, passion and pleasure in her voice. She definitely does deserve her luck to be a part of Nightwish. Pro and beauty – this is Floor Jansen.

However, some moments of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” disappointed me in a little way. I’m talking about similar folk passages, almost note for note. Sooth myself counting it as a certain band’ style feature.

My conclusion: worth and remarkable album of 2015, Nightwish stays in a good shape. Rate it 6 of 7 stars.

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