#2 Metallica – Fade to Black (bass review with tab)

Second review of “Total Cliff” – Metallica “Fade to Black” bass line of Cliff Burton. Bass tab and my humble opinion about this part of his legacy.

May seems, this track is not as hard to play as previous one – “No Remorse”. I thought such, but my mind changed while working on this stuff. By the way, I have one more Fade to Black video, where I`m playing intro solo on distortion bass:

Yes, “Fade to Black” bass line doesn’t have any speed licks or sophisticated passages. But are those the things that determines genial? In very first Metallica ballad, which “Fade to Black” is, Cliff had a opportunity to prove his unique bass proficiency. How did he take it? He recorded an emotional, measured, mature bass line.

Crucial thing in “Fade to Black” bass line – dynamic colors, as well as Burton’s alternative endings and fills (watch bass tab). Couple of moments deserve to be highlighted in “Fade to Black” bass. Tabs for couple of they (in video – 02:18 and 04:42):

Fade to Black bass tab fills
Fill 1
fade to black bass tabs fills
Fill 2

Particular music solutions – they do define signature playing and arranging style of Cliff Burton. The essence hides in details. In addition, here`s original bass from Fade to Black, master track of Cliff Burton:

Download Metallica ‘Fade to Black’ bass tab for free on this page (with the rest of Total Cliff tabs). Join AVanguard to stay informed about new tabs and updates \m/

Mission complete 2 of 32 steps. Next one – bass intro from “Damage Inc”. See you next time, friends! Join the OFFICIAL FACEBOOK COMMUNITY and subscribe to my YOUTUBE. Wherever you are, thanks for your art, Cliff! R.I.P. \m/


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