Ultimate bass chord chart: E-moll

So, here’s my selection of E-moll bass chords. Chart includes ultimate amount of E minor chords variations, possible to play on 22-bar 4 string bass guitar. Chords chart I made is going to be starter for a big series of articles and videos about learning bass guitar. Here you can find 21 views of Em bass guitar chords on the kind of instrument. I also depicted some alternative ways to play they with and without barre, watch its bass tab below.

Why do I start a bass guitar chords topic with exactly Em? First of all, this is the most using bass scale in rock music. For example, more than half of songs by the band Metallica (and Metallica bass lines either) built around E minor. Prevailing of the scale causes demand in learning it. Thus we begin to learn bass chords by Em ones.

em bass chord chart ultimate
Bass chord chart Em

On the picture of bass chord chart you can see vertical bass tabs with: 4 strings, current bars (marked lower bar), involved notes, used fingers (1 – index, 2 – middle, 3 – ring, 4 – little finger, no number – barre). This chart doesn’t comprise any inversions and complicated variations, but built on classic harmony triad bass chords (for beginners mainly). Also I consciously missed bass power chords: I gonna make separate article (and later video) about it.

Next step is A-moll (A minor) bass guitar chord chart. Read more about bass theory and practice in my next publications. Don’t miss the information and share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Subscribe to my YouTube channel ( and website ( updates, bro! \m/

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