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Best bass riffs: RAMMSTEIN part I (+bass tab)

This is my new Rammstein bass medley – 12 best bass riffs of Rammstein. Some altered, some kept in original version. I needed to change tune twice. All of these things are depicted in bass tab.

best bass riffs rammstein bass tab best bass riffs rammstein bass tab

IMHO, Oliver Riedel one of the best bass players in metal. I like his feeling of bass guitar role, he writes mainly simple, but so much relevant bass lines. “Rosenrot” and “Rammlied” are my favorite ones, also because they`re distorted a bit. By the way, it`s my first work from a new series of bass video. Next one will be the best NINE INCH NAILS bass riffs. So SUBSCRIBE and don`t miss it! Watch, like and comment my bass solos, bro \m/

00:01 Rammstein
00:14 Links 2 3 4
00:21 Asche zu Asche
00:30 Seemann
00:43 Rammlied
00:57 Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen
01:04 Pussy
01:15 Ich Will
01:26 Rosenrot
01:34 Mann Gegen Mann
01:43 Spring
01:55 Mein Teil

P.S. F*ck!!! I forgot about “Du Hast”! =0

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