Double album review: Immortalized (Disturbed) + Got Your Six (FFDP)

disturbed immortalized five finger death punch got your six album review 2015

August of 2015 is cool!  I’m going to review two new albums – Immortalized (Disturbed) and Got Your Six (Five Finger Death Punch). Both FFDP and Disturbed are my favorite modern metal bands (plus Volbeat, but they aren’t releasing any albums in 2015 year). So, what do I think about all of that? My thoughts have been changing for last days, but hope, now I am as impartial as possible… Of course, it’s impossible, because I love those bands))

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Denis Stoff (new singer of Asking Alexandria) interview for Michael Shchur

asking alexandria new vocalist denis stoff interview 2015

Denis Stoff (Shaforostov) has become a new singer of Asking Alexandria in 2015. He is my compatriot (both from Ukraine), and he could break away . My respect for Den \m/ Here is one of his recent interviews, originally in Ukrainian and Russian. I translated it to English. Video included. Watch, read, and make your dreams come true too! To read full interview, become my subscriber! \m/

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#5 Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls (bass review with tabs)

Total Cliff project

Hey, friends! Total Cliff is underway, fifth video has released. Today we are analyzing another classic song of Metallica – “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. Bass from this composition is one of the most known Cliff Burton’s lines, especially among beginner bass players. Simplicity and beauty make the song so loved by Metallica fans and cover makers. So, “For Whom The Bell Tolls” – bass review with bass tab, which you can find in the end of article.

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