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A place where I gather all Metallica bass tabs made by me. All studio albums, all songs. Download any Metallica bass tab for free using our secret password (you can get it by joining our AVanguard here, it takes few minutes). Btw, if you find any mistakes or bugs in my bass tabs, please report me about that (I constantly revise and reupload tabs) Enjoy playing! \m/

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New bass tablatures are created in Guitar Pro 6. This software allows me to make parts more precise and detailed, with features that doesn’t provide previous version (Guitar Pro 5). Main tab is GPX (requires Guitar Pro 6 to open), and GP5 is exported from that, so it may contain distortions and bugs in parts. PDF shows how tab looks in GPX.

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metallica-hardwired-to-self-destruct-bass-tabs free downloadHARDWIRED…TO SELF DESTRUCT (2016) (hot!!!)

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Atlas, Rise!

Now That We’re Dead

Moth Into Flame

Dream No More

Halo On Fire



Here Comes Revenge

Am I Savage?

Murder One

Spit Out The Bone

Lords Of Summer (bonus)

metallica-kill-em-all-bass-tabs free downloadKILL ‘EM ALL (1983)

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Hit The Lights


The Four Horsemen

Jump In The Fire

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth


Phantom Lord

No Remorse

Seek & Destroy

Metal Militia

Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover, bonus)

Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg cover, bonus)

metallica-ride-the-lightning-bass-tabs free downloadRIDE THE LIGHTNING (1984)

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Fight Fire With Fire

Ride The Lightning

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Fade To Black

Trapped Under Ice


Creeping Death

The Call Of Ktulu


metallica-master-of-puppets-bass-tabs free downloadMASTER OF PUPPETS (1986)

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Master Of Puppets

The Thing That Should Not Be

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Disposable Heroes

Leper Messiah


Damage, Inc

metallica-and-justice-for-all-bass-tabs free download…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (1988)

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And Justice For All

Eye Of The Beholder


The Shortest Straw

Harvester Of Sorrow

The Frayed Ends Of Sanity

To Live Is To Die

Dyers Eve

metallica-black-album-bass-tabs free downloadBLACK ALBUM (1991)

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Enter Sandman (in progress)

Sad But True

Holier That Thou

The Unforgiven

Wherever I May Roam (in progress)

Don’t Tread On Me

Nothing Else Matters

Of Wolf And Man

The God That Failed (in progress)

My Friend Of Misery

The Struggle Within

metallica-load-bass-tabs free downloadLOAD (1996)

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Ain’t My Bitch

2 x 4

The House Jack Built

Until It Sleeps

King Nothing

Hero Of The Day

Bleeding Me (in progress)


Poor Twisted Me

Wasting My Hate

Mama Said

Thorn Within


The Outlaw Torn (in progress)

metallica-reload-bass-tabs free downloadRELOAD (1997)

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Fuel (in progress)

The Memory Remains

The Unforgiven II

Devil’s Dance


Carpe Diem Baby

Bad Seed

Where The Wild Things Are

Prince Charming

Low Man’s Lyrics



metallica-saint-anger-bass-tabs free downloadST. ANGER (2003)

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St. Anger

Some Kind Of Monster

Dirty Window

Invisible Kid

My World

Shoot Me Again

Sweet Amber

The Unnamed Feeling


All Withing My hands

metallica-death-magnetic-bass-tabs free downloadDEATH MAGNETIC (2008)

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That Was Just Your Life

The End Of The Line

Broken, Beat & Scarred

The Day That Never Comes

All Nightmare Long


The Unforgiven III

The Judas Kiss

Suicide & Redemption

My Apocalypse


No Leaf Clover

Minus Human

I Disappear

Hate Train

Just A Bullet Away

Rebel Of Babylon

Hell And Back

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