Metallica ‘Creeping Death’ bass tab

metallica-creeping-death-bass-tab-cliff-burtonDownload Metallica ‘Creeping Death’ bass tab for free using our secret password (you can get it by joining our AVanguard here, it takes few minutes). Enjoy playing! \m/

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‘Creeping Death’ bass tab in PDF Download

‘Creeping Death’ bass tab in GP5 / PDF (in rar-archive) Download


Now I create bass tablatures in Guitar Pro 6. This software allows me to make parts more precise and detailed, with features that doesn’t provide previous version (Guitar Pro 5).

Main tab is GPX (requires Guitar Pro 6 to open), and GP5 is exported from that, so it may contain distortions and bugs in parts. PDF shows how tab looks in GPX.

So I do recommend you to get Guitar Pro 6 if you are active user and creator of tablatures. You can do it right now here on Amazon.

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