Metalica Songs Ranked WORST to BEST

Hey! Here are the survey results mentioned in the video “Metallica Songs Ranked WORST to BEST“. Some of them were pretty surprising, particularly how relatively low “Nothing Else Matters” and Enter Sandman were ranked, while they are the most played ones on Apple Music (“f*ck what’s popular” attitude?)) And my all time favorite song Purify “The Unforgiven” didn’t even make it to top 10!

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NEW TABS AVAILABLE: Strongest & Weakest main riffs of Metallica

Hey hey! A metal song must have a main riff – one that is “the spine of a whole song” (James Hetfield’s quote). In Metallica songs, the main riff appears in the first minute, normally after intro. And today I’d like to share with you my rating of them)) Check out video and download free tabs below (the password is here). If you want to support me, here’s a few options! See ya \m/

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