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Андрій Василенко Andriy Vasylenko bass guitar musicHello, friend! I’m Andriy Vasylenko, musician and teacher, founder of Total Cliff – the biggest tribute to Cliff Burton.

My doors are always open for those who like sincere music and search for help. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and join our AVanguard to get access to tabs and other exclusive stuff.

Welcome to my music dimension! Make yourself at home!=)


  • Robert Green

    Hey I could not find the From whom the bell tolls solo (cliffs version)

  • BartS

    Hi Andy! Hope your all right

    You are a realy great musician. Love the sound of your bass and I admire your skills. I am twice older as you and at least a hundred times worst bassist than you are:) But nevertheless! I’ve got a little challange for you if you don’t mind. As the proper Cliff Burton fans we all know that Jason’s lines in later songs could’ve been a little bit better. Therefore what if you played Newsted’s lines the way that Cliff would have played it? What do you think?

    Best regards

    • av

      Hi! Thanks for the words.

      I’ve thought about that. And it’s partly been done in my Blackened, My Friend Of Misery, The Frayed Ends of Sanity covers – I played them with fingers, but kept Jason’s arrangement. Just forgot about the idea, thank you for reminding! So probably my next Total Jason covers will be performed Cliff’s way.

      Have you watched my To Live Is To Die? I made the Cliff’s arrangement there.

      Greetings \m/

  • Boris Matešin

    Привіт, Andriy!

    Thank you very much for your covers!
    I’m a bassist and a Metallica fan from Croatia and I’ve been following your channel for a long time – it’s really great to finally see someone make accurate bass tabs of their tracks!

    Do you plan on making “I Disappear” and “No Leaf Clover” tabs as well in the future?

    Thank you!
    — Boris

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