BIG NEWS!!! Anesthesia, Patreon, future

Some good news from me. Here’s the Patreon page, I told about in the video. Thanks for support friends! \m/ By the way, all the Total Cliff articles with tabs left (#28-#32) will be published here anyway.


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  • LowBow

    Hi Andriy!
    Thanks for awesome journey with Cliffs legacy. I did not found your e-mail so I hope you read your comments on this. I am bass player too an got some youtube videos. I think you have seen my puppets at least… \m/ 🙂
    I was wondering… Maybe we could do some collaboration with 2 bass guitars in some point! 😉
    Let me know what do you think about that.
    Have you ever visited at Cliffs memorial stone? If not, you shoul do it. I havent been there, but as I live in Finland, its not very far away.
    However, thanks again!
    Write me some email when you have some spare time!
    See you!

  • Rim

    Congrats mate, I will be buying your book when’s it’s completed, many thanks and good luck my friend, Neal.

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