Denis Stoff (new singer of Asking Alexandria) interview for Michael Shchur

asking alexandria new vocalist denis stoff interview 2015

Denis Stoff (Shaforostov) has become a new singer of Asking Alexandria in 2015. He is my compatriot (both from Ukraine), and he could break away . My respect for Den \m/ Here is one of his recent interviews, originally in Ukrainian and Russian. I translated it to English. Video included. Watch, read, and make your dreams come true too! To read full interview, become my subscriber! \m/


M[ichael] – Denis, thanks for coming to my basement.

D[enis] – Of course.

M – So, you’ve got an invitation to join a British band as a vocalist.

D – That’s right.

M – You’ve already recorded a song together, haven’t you?


D – Yes, it’s been released recently, at night June 27. So, the track got over 600,000 views for a first day.

M – On Youtube, right?

D – Yes.


D – Now the track is the number one of the charts around the World. So far so good.

M – Super. And why have they turned just to you?

D – Probably, I am the man they should turn to [laughs]


M – How old are you?

D – I’m 23.

M – So, you’re 23, and you’ve got a proposal from a band with millions Youtube views and which tears everyone on gigs in Britain, yes?

D – Yes.

M – And you become a British rock star, don’t you?

D – Well, yeah [laughs]

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