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His Majesty (NEW SONG!) + free tabs

My new song! Recorded in July-December 2016 in very variable conditions. Pretty rough, but this is what I can do with my equipment and experience. Btw, the solo is actually bass with octaver. Hope you enjoy it!

if you want to support me, you could get this song on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, or Patreon (click on the links). This is very important to me, because my biggest dream is to create music and find those who might like it.

Download tabs (gp5+pdf in zip-archive)

Thank you very much guys! This year was awesome. See you in 2017 \m/


My little Christmas gift for those who submitted their favorite song in October. Recently we’ve reached 1000 members of AVanguard – our community. And making this medley I express my appreciation and gratitude for your support and trust.

You’ve shown me some new bands and songs, I liked so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (or what else you’re celebrating) \m/

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